Easing Flight Delay
Stress Instantly

In the event of a major flight delay, you will receive complimentary access to selected airport lounges worldwide, where you can relax in comfort while waiting for your flight. A one year included benefit in your membership.

Should you experience a significant delay, your InstaPass™ can provide you and traveling companions complimentary access to one of over 1100+ airport lounges in more than 500 airports across over 100 countries, powered 100% by Collinson’s global LoungeKey™ network.

Pre-Register Your Flights

Register the flight at least two hours before the originally scheduled departure, if it is delayed by 60 minutes and a lounge is available you will get notified by SMS & email with a LoungeKey™ voucher.

Experiences & Atmospheres

Access provides a variety of amenities and features since most lounges in the network are independently owned and designed with local style and service.


Access to Wi-fi

Whether you want to download movies for your flight or get work done, call home via WhatsApp or catch up on emails. Connect in the lounge.

celebrating differences

A variety of Atmostpheres

Grab a local or international newspaper, find a space to watch for flight updates, read and wait in comfort.

Meeting Spaces

Board rooms

Some locations have a work room for meetings and private work. Pictured here is a meeting room in the network at Wingtips Lounge in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Bring your Friends

Time together During a Delay

Yes, it's not just for you. When you register your flight you may invite up to 4 guests who are also travelling on the same flight — a friend, family member or business associate — to join you in the lounge.

Coffee break

A Moment for a Hot drink

Ready to get a specialty drink or your standard coffee while your get renewed? Most lounges are waiting with both hot tea, specialty coffees and juices.

Mix Messages

Sip a Mixed Drink

Sit at the bar or take a glass of wine, bottle of beer, or a mixed drink from the bartender at no charge. Pictured: W Lounge, Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl (GRU), Terminal 1

Epic entertainment

E-gaming Enthusiast?

You may get the option to get access to an e-gaming lounge in certain airports. You may prefer turn your long wait into a 'level up' if a pass is provided for a Gameway in LAX, JFK, DFW, HOU & CLT.

Away from the Gate

Breathe & Unwind

If you get access to a lounge you will experience a local flavor to how they feel an airport lounge should welcome you. Different in every location, embrace, breathe and unwind.

Ways to Enjoy

Features for
Your Needs


Comfy Spaces

It is a time to get away from the gate and sit in a comfortable chair without the chaos of the terminal around you.

Magazines & News

Didn’t travel with any reading material? Most locations provide international newspapers and magazines.

Private Workspaces

Desks in enclosed areas and/or common areas are available in many locations to work and have phone calls.

Hot & Cold Food

Salads or sweets, sandwiches or soups, the selections of complementary foods are ready to fill you.


Some locations have showers available at no charge, while others are for an extra fee for your use.
Charging battery

Device charging

Need to plug in your phone, laptop, tablet or other portable device? These locations provide this at no charge.

Demand is High

Be patient Entry is Limited

Meet in Private

Work Continues

Unexpected delays may have set you both back but you can get away from the noise of the gate into a lounge for a spacious workspace.

Eat Some local treats

Food to Fuel You

Our lounges provide sweet and savory food items from local flavors to more global style foods to tide you over until your next meal.

Comfort During Inconvenience

Inviting Spaces

In these times of waiting some of our lounges in the network will impress you with tables for meetings, groups of chairs for conversation, or napping corners.

Recharge your Devices

Get Work Done

In the face of uncertain departures get caught up on calls, meetings, projects, messages and emails for collaborative or private spaces.

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Frequently Asked

InstaPass™ is a unique service that offers complimentary airport lounge access in the event of a flight delay. Over a twelve month period from when you get access you register your flights with the InstaPass™ service before traveling. If the airline announces a delay that meets or exceeds the qualifying delay threshold, you will receive a LoungeKey™ voucher that provides access to a lounge at the airport where you are delayed. LoungeKey™ gives you access to a network of over 1100 airport lounges worldwide.


Yes, the service is available to the main passenger and up to 4 additional passengers on the same flight.

The names of the additional passengers must be entered as part of the registration journey and all passengers will receive their own individual lounge voucher.

No, this is a complimentary service to ease any disruption as an included members benefit.

You enjoy unlimited registrations for InstaPass for 12 months you have access.


Delays are based on ‘gate’ delay reporting from airlines and airports to FlightStats (our third party flight data tracker). Should FlightStats report a qualifying delay the system will issue the lounge vouchers.

InstaPass™ is built to track almost all major commercial airline flights, but there are limitations against airlines/airports that do not report data regularly. Charter airlines are not supported.

1. Which flights can you register?

You can register any flight from an airport where a LoungeKey™ lounge is available, and if the airline accurately reports the delay to FlightStats. If you try to register a flight that does not meet these conditions, the system will inform you of this and you will not be able to register. Each flight of a journey with multiple connections requires its own registration.

2. When can I register my flight?

You can register at any time once a flight has been scheduled (typically up to 364 days in advance) and no later than 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

3. Is registration only via the website or can I do it in person?

Currently registration is only offered via the website which is accessible via desktop or mobile.

4. Can I change my registration after it has been completed?
No, you will have to cancel your existing registration and re-register with the new details. You can cancel your registration anytime before the flight’s actual departure time. You will not be able to register a flight that has already departed.

5. Why would my registration fail?

Flight registration will fail if any of these things happen:

  • If you try to register a flight after your actual departure time.

  • There are no lounges which are part of the LoungeKey™ network available at the airport you are departing from.

  • Flight data is not available for the airline/flight. Please refer the section for how is my delay calculated.

6. What personal information will be captured and stored during registration?

  • Member and travel companion/s’ name/s

  • Members email address

  • Members mobile number

  • Flight number

  • Flight departure location, date and time

  • Flight arrival location, date and time

7. If I register myself and a travel companion, can my travel companion utilise the benefit without me being physically present at the lounge?

All passes will be sent to you, you may then choose to send it to your registered travel companion(s), who will be able to access the lounge, with or without your physical presence, as long as they have the lounge pass with them.

8. What name format should I use to register my flight?

Please use the same name format you used to book your flight. This is required to ensure the name on your lounge pass matches the name on your boarding pass. These will be validated at the point of entry to the lounge.

Each individual lounge has its own policies on the admission of children. Please check the policies of the lounges at the airport you are flying from to determine whether you should register for your child. You can refer to lounge information online at https://loungefinder.loungekey.com/Pass.

If the lounge does not accept children, please do not register your child as he/she will not be accepted, as per the lounge regulations.

If the lounge allows entry for children under two years old without payment, you will not need to register the child.

You and/or your travel companion(s) might be denied entry to a lounge, even with the lounge passes, if any of the following happens:

  • The lounge is closed when the delay occurs. In this case, please approach alternative lounge/s if available.

  • The lounge is already at full capacity. In this case, please approach alternative lounge/s if available.

  • The passenger name on the boarding pass does not match the name on the lounge pass. Unfortunately, in this case, no alternative offer will be available.

  • You or a member of your group does not meet the lounge terms and conditions (such as minimum age, or dress code). In this case, please approach alternative lounge/s if available.

A deleted email cannot be resent, but you will still be able to access the lounge pass in the SMS sent to you.

You may choose to present either the QR code you received in your email or the SMS code at the lounge for entry. You may also be required to present your boarding pass and passport for verification.

The email containing the lounge pass will contain instructions for locating the available lounges in the airport. There is also a link to the LoungeKey lounge finder on the LoungeKey™ pass itself, which you can click to look up lounge details such as location and access conditions of the lounges.

Lounge information will also be included in the SMS notification to your registered mobile number. This will be helpful to cardholders who do not have data service on their mobile phone when travelling.

When you are entitled to an airport lounge pass, the system will send you an SMS notification along with an email with a PDF file attached.

If you have registered travel companion(s), you will receive multiple PDF attachments in a single email, each PDF being a lounge pass for each passenger. Each PDF contains a LoungeKey™ pass with a unique QR code that provides access to the participating lounges at your airport.

In addition, an SMS with the LoungeKey™ codes will be sent to your registered mobile number. If you have registered travel companion(s), you will receive one SMS per passenger, each containing a unique LoungeKey code.

You may choose to forward the lounge passes to your travel companion(s) so that they can access the lounge without your physical presence.

At the lounge, you/your travel companion(s) may choose to present either the QR code in the PDF or the SMS code for entry.

Lounge passes will be provided as long as a flight is recognised as being delayed by 120 minutes or more in the system within a 24-hour period. Flights that are cancelled or rescheduled to the next day (24 hours after the flight’s scheduled departure time) will not be deemed as delayed and will be handled by the airline directly via their own compensation process.

The lounge passes can only be issued if the airline accurately reports the delay to FlightStats. If this does not occur, the delay is not captured to trigger the system to issue the lounge passes.

Not all flights provide timely and accurate flight tracking data which is necessary for InstaPass™ to capture a delay and trigger the system to issue the lounge passes. Additionally, not all airports have an available lounge in the LoungeKey™ network. As such, InstaPass™ restricts registration for airlines/airports that do not provide reliable tracking data and airports that do not have an available lounge. This is done to ensure the best possible experience for cardholders.

The airline must report the information correctly via our 3rd party data provider, FlightStats. If they do not accurately report the delay, then Flight Delay Pass cannot track the delay or issue the lounge pass.

There is no restriction on permissible circumstances for a delay. Lounge passes will be provided as long as a flight is formally reported by the airline as being delayed by 60 minutes or more within a 24-hour period. Flights that are cancelled or rescheduled for the next day (24 hours after the flight’s scheduled departure time) will not be deemed as delayed and will be handled by the airline directly via their own compensation process.

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